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The Onkefi® Towel Warmer is perfect for your home, or anywhere you need to keep your bathroom towels and pajamas warm and toasty. With a simple push of a button, the Onkefi® will have your hair towel or robes ready in just minutes
Perfect for warming yourself after a relaxing shower
Plug & Play: Easy to use
Fast warming
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Say goodbye to cold towels!
Staying warm and cozy is what we do. Our towel warmers keep your towels the perfect temperature. 
Our ultra large towel warmer easily accommodates up to two 40 x 70 inch bath towels, robes, PJs, or your favourite throw blanket.
Onkefi heats towels evenly and all the way through, so there are no cold spots. Keep toasty and cosy . 
Onkefi features single button control and up to 60 minutes of heating time. Simple, effective, and keeps towels warm around the clock.
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How It Works?
Why use a drab, damp, cold towel after you shower when you could have warm, cozy towels every day? 
So get ready to change your life with Onkefi.
Put your towels, pajamas, socks to heat in the Okefi and press Start. 
Wait 10 minutes
Heating your towels at home has never been so easy!
You will not believe how simple it is to keep your towels, blankets or PJ warm!
Need a little warmth after your shower? Our towel warmer will quickly make sure you feel warm and cozy. Just wrap up in your towel, and let Onkefi do its job.
Dramatically warm towels in under 5 minutes.
Plug & Play: Start warming in seconds! 
Our white bucket design, along with wooden accents, will add a touch of class to any room! 
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Onkefi Pro™

Luxury & Comfort At Home!
Onkefi has come to modernize your bathroom experience by making it more enjoyable and comfortable.
A simple press of a button and get heat items in minutes!
Enjoy our ultra large capacity!
Plug & Play: Easy to Use!
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"Really not sure how we ever lived without this... Everyday is a Spa day in my home" Elena M. 

Why People Love Onkefi Pro?
Onkefi Pro is a towel, blankets and pyjamas warmer, ideal for homes with little storage space. Our device has been inspired by the Japanese tradition of bathing in hot springs. Insert your towel, blanket or pyjamas, turn on the heater, and say goodbye to cold floors in the bathroom!
Onkefi Pro™
Dramatically warm towels in under 5 minutes.
Our ultra large towel warmer easily accommodates up to two 40 x 70 inch bath towels, robes, PJs. 
Onkefi heats towels evenly and all the way through, so there are no cold spots.
Plug & Play: Easy to Use! 
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How long does it takes to warm?
Onkefi Pro takes around 10 minutes to warm your towels. Around 3 minutes to warm socks. 
What if I keep the Onkefi turned on? 
For safety reasons, Onkefi turns off automatically after 60 minutes! 
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes! Included with your purchase, you enjoy a 1-year warranty and FREE customer service! 
Can I use it with wet towels?
No, it is recommended that wet towels are not put in the warmer.
Does it have a power cord?
Yes - Onkefi is powered via a power cord (110 volts). The power cord is about 6 feet long.
Can I use essential oils to make the towels small nice?
Yes! I did that in my towel warmer. There is a fragrance disc design on the lid, you can put aroma disc to make your towels smell good.