Cotton Poly Luxurious | 4 Piece Bath Towels

Elevate your shower experience with the Onkefi Towel Set. These textured towels are woven using a fine pique weave to bring a contemporary look and feel to any bathroom. The waffle texture comes in a variety of classic colors. Mix and match to add performance and style to your linen closet. Set includes four bath towels (30 inch x 54 inch).
Towels Like You’ll Find In a 5-Star Hotel!
The secret to this incredible towel set is that it is denser that many towels
Every bath towel, hand towel or washcloth delivers the ultimate experience in comfort because it is softer, more durable and more absorbent than standard cotton towels.
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Say goodbye to cold towels!
Staying warm and cozy is what we do. Our towel warmers keep your towels the perfect temperature. 
Our ultra large towel warmer easily accommodates up to two 40 x 70 inch bath towels, robes, PJs, or your favourite throw blanket.
Onkafi heats towels evenly and all the way through, so there are no cold spots. Keep toasty and cosy . 
Onkafi features single button control and up to 60 minutes of heating time. Simple, effective, and keeps towels warm around the clock.
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